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Quattro Chocoluxe Cake

In celebration of our soon-to-open physical bakeshop .Here's a sneakpeek of one of our Original DLX cake we've created💡 Baked and conceptualized and stressed by our own Chef Gem <3

To order for other dates(not on tbe website) : MESSAGE US in INSTGRAM or call 09273314046

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We love creating 💡 This time we created a cake with 4 textures🍰

perfect layers of 62% Dark Chocolate Torte, Classic Tiramisu, Moist Chocolate Sponge, Mascarpone Ganache & Cream .

For other dates not on the website : CALL 09273314046

Thank you Jin Perez-Go !


Thank you Leslie 🍓


Oven to YOU..always

Our goal and mission has always been to offer healthier bakery items in the market.  "When you crave it but want a healthier version, Salta! has it!" Wake up with our brick oven-baked breads (Made with Premium Whole Grains & Avocado Oil)☀️ Everything homemade!

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This new take on the cheese roll is called the Cheesepillow for its soft, pillowy texture. Salta Bakes’ original Cheesepillow is stuffed with rich cream cheese and topped with a delicious grated parmesan streusel—talk about a flavor hit! -


What is Panroll?

 Not really a Filipino "pandesal" , but premium super fluffy brioche rolls that stays soft until the next day!  Every panroll has its character.Though not every panroll is perfectly the same in appearance, we focus in making sure every panroll is homemade, rustic, and baked in a brick-oven!

Signature! Cheesepillow

What makes this our bestselling signature? 🍞 Our ORIGINAL version of cheeserolls.
Parmesan Pesto Cheesepillows ~super soft pillow bread filled with creamcheese and topped w/ grated parmesan streusel bits 🧀 

Bite into our PANBOMB

We make it our goal to always offer something new and fresh. To help our Ate Farmer finish her oversupply~ we highlighted her fresh strawberries for this season. We are still thinking on what we'll offer next once 🍓 season ends 👩‍🌾‼

Panbomb = Our classic Panroll + Italian Bombolonis but instead of frying it, we bake it for a healthier version💚. 

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Breads are baked the morning of delivery date. All orders will be delivered 3-6pm. Pick-up is not yet allowed to ensure our bakery team stays safe. 

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